5 ways life is just like poker

Poker is an evil game. You try to rip all your friends off and lie to them. And then you’re done. In a lot of ways life is just like it.

In poker, much like in life, you have to see through the bullshit. Government propaganda or a corporate boss saying you’re only worth 10 € an hour. Or your spouse saying she’ll have to stay at the office working late. No wonder they call it poker face. Learn to call bullshit. A lot of people are full of it.

Another truism that goes for life as well as poker is that you can’t please everybody. Someone will always lose. Choose your friends carefully and hold on to them. They’re probably the ones who’s bullshit you’ve called and who decided to stick around anyway.

If you don’t play you won’t win. No pain no gain. No risk no reward. There are many ways to to say it but it is absolutely true. Except with poker you don’t have to play. It’s a choice. But in life you’re in the game, want it or not. And to be happy you need to move. Without movement you’ll get stuck and it’s really difficult to get out.

Every move is a combination of odds and pot. Risk and reward. If risk is small and potential reward is big then you need to jump in. Except that it’s difficult to grasp the same reality in life. It takes practice. To make these tradeoffs you have to know what you want. Ask yourself: is what I’m about to do really what I want to do today? Find out what it is that you want and start moving. Find out right now. It will be hard. If your mind is blank ask yourself: what would I do day to day if I had a million euros?

One more thing. In poker, if you just sit still you will lose everything. Your chips will slowly but surely drain down to none.

There’s no difference between a pessimist who says, “Oh, it’s hopeless, so don’t bother doing anything” and an optimist who says, “don’t bother doing anything, it’s going to turn out fine anyway.” Either way, nothing happens. -Yvon Chouinard

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It’s your fault my life is so screwed up

It’s your fault I wasn’t chosen in the job I applied for. You told me to put that assistant job in my resume and they didn’t like it.

It’s your fault I didn’t get to art school. You didn’t teach me to paint when I hinted that it would be nice some day.

It’s your fault the project got screwed. You didn’t tell enough people what they were supposed to do.

pointing finger

It’s your fault I hit my toe against the leg of the chair. You distracted me with your babbling.

It’s your fault I was late from work. You didn’t wake me up.

It’s your fault my life is so miserable. You exist.


It’s my fault. Only if you take the blame, only if you recognize the failure, only then can you learn.

Take the blame but don’t explain. Explaining is tiring.

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