12 things I want to do when I grow up

A) I only want to do things that I enjoy. If someone wants me to do something I don’t like I just won’t do it. It’s not like he can force me to do it. I don’t want to hang out with stupid or arrogant people. I don’t want to suck up to anyone. That’s all I want. Not too much to ask.

B) I want to be enlightened. Just for my own peace of mind. But I’m not greedy, I don’t need an answer to all the whys. I just want my mind to be at ease from time to time. I don’t want to wake up thinking the dozens of pointless tasks I need to do today. Or go to sleep remembering stuff from the previous day. I just want to sit still and enjoy the show.

C) I want to play an instrument. Something prestigious like a cello or a violin. Or a harmonica, that would be nice. To play good ol’ blues tunes while sitting by the campfire. Which leads me to another thing.

D) I want to stay out in the nature a lot. I want to climb the mountains that reach 8 km. I want to skydive in South Africa and rock climb in Yosemite. And then I want to ride the hot blooded Arabian horse as fast as they can go.

E) I want to sell a company I’ve built.

F) I want to live on every continent at least once and I want someone else to do the moving for me.

G) I want to put on a huge public show where I’m the main event.

H) I want to create a marketing campaign that will be remembered in contemporary marketing books.

I) I want to know a lot of things. Things like where do babies come from and what to do with them. Or why isn’t Volvo a better car? Or why does 80-20 law work? Or why there are really stupid people?

J) I want to have 10.000 unique visitors a week reading my blog. And also I want to write I book that I will self publish. And I want that at least one person will buy the book.

K) I want to continuously stay in a place where there’re at least 250 sunny days a year. And in this place I can wake up and drink my coffee outside.

L) I want to feel that I’ve been living, I am living and I will live to the fullest. What a cliché, I know. But it’s the most important thing one can do. I don’t want to sit on my ass after work and watch TV all night. I don’t want to come home and drink beer until I pass out. I want to learn and create and just do.

But this is when I grow up. When I’m sixty and retired I’ll do all this. Until then I’ll just keep coming home after work, lay on the couch, drink beer and watch crap TV until the alarm clock will go off and I have to go to work again.

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Learning to fail

For inspiration for an alternative lifestyle take a look at Altucher’s blog.

For me, as I’ve always been quite lucky when speaking of jobs and work, finding a job has never been too difficult. I’ve had my problems but in the end it’s always worked out. Now this is something that makes me insecure. It has been too easy. I’ve never had to fight for it so I probably can’t appreciate it. But then again, I’ve lived years below Finland’s official poverty level (half of that, actually) and I had no problems so I’m not worried.

Now it’s going to be the time to learn to fail. Because eventually I will - and I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to grab life by the balls and take the first steps.

I started on building an EXIT strategy, beginning from the end and defining the worst case scenario.

Scenario: I quit my job and set up a company
Worst case scenario: I lose invested money and become unemployed

Scenario: I don’t quit my job and set up a company
Worst case scenario: I lose invested money

So neither one is actually a killer. Time to go.

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